Lundi 08 août 2011

Kardashian sisters` skechers shoe dilemma!

London: Socialite Kim Kardashian says she unintentionally ends up buying the same style of shape ups sleek fit shoes as her sisters - and what adds to her dilemma is that they can`t swap shoes because they are different sizes.

The 30-year-old brunette has two sisters -- Khloe and Kourtney.
"Khloe is a size eight, my mum is a six and a half, I`m a five and Kourtney is a three, so we`re all too different to swap
Skechers Shape Ups-Stability shoes. We couldn`t borrow each other`s shoes if we wanted to. Sometimes though, we accidentally buy the same styles because we have the same taste, so that kind of sucks," quoted Kim as saying.

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Shopping: Lulu Guinness Mulberry luggage for stylish summer vacations

Lulu Guinness, the British vintage mulberry handbag designer known for her whimsical designs, which often incorporate her signature lip graphic, has launched her first luggage collection. And, as expected, it’s as pragmatic as it is playful.

Comprising carry-on and wheeled luggage sets, “The World is Your Oyster” collection employs Guiness’ famous lips in two different ways.

The line’s high-gloss, hard-shell rollers — available in lipstick red (naturally) and black mulberry alexa — are peppered with dozens of 3-D lips, creating, in effect, huge rolling smooches. There’s also a canvas suitcase grouping, in black only, featuring the same repetitive lip print, only this time in a quieter textile print.

“I wanted the collection to be practical and light, [using] the standard size requirements for carry-on luggage,” said Guinness. “I also incorporated an element of wit, which I do with all my
mulberry laptop bag designs. The suitcases are sophisticated and subtle until you look closely and see that they are covered in my iconic red lips.”

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Amy threw a £15,000 coast dress from Alexander McQueen on the barbecue

As she took off her trademark beehive and wiped away her heavy kohl eye make-up, Amy Winehouse made a holly ann dress coast frank admission. ‘I won’t be an old lady. I’ll die young,’ she announced, without a hint of drama or self-pity.

She was dressed in pyjamas with her hair loose in a pretty bob, the fragrance of her favourite Penhaligon’s bath oil scenting the house in Bow, East London, where she was living at the time. Despite her tragically prophetic words, she was at her most relaxed.

It was a side of Amy not many people knew, but Archie Reed, who became close to her after meeting her in 2006 at a party in Chelsea with his then boyfriend, coast maxi dresses designer Alexander McQueen, was one of the privileged few.

Archie was not at Amy’s funeral and says he was not invited. Like her millions of fans, he prefers to focus on her music.

‘Music was her one passion – it made her so happy. There’s a lot that has never been released. She wrote a lot when she was living in St Lucia. I just hope her occassion dresses fans get to hear it.’

Sister Act ready to take over! Kendall and Kylie Jenner strut their coast dress on the red carpet looking

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Britney Spears and Boys Go Boating: Where Are The North Face Jackets?

Britney Spears took her boys and boyfriend enjoyed a lovely day off together.  They all seemed like a happy family, enjoying the waters off the coast of Long Island.

Britney took a little break from her Femme Fatale tour and took her boys Sean Preston and Jayden James along with boyfriend Jason Trawick for a boat ride.

Brit affectionately held onto her boyfriend Jason while her sons Jayden James, 4, and Sean Preston, 5, played down on the deck.

Although Britney and Jason were nearby, the boys weren’t wearing any north face down jackets!

Even though the adults were close at hand, I know I would have my kids wearing lifejackets – without question.

Some are already ripping into Britney saying that the boys should have been wearing fleece jackets and even questioning Britney’s parenting again.  Remember back in 2007 when Brit was photographed driving without a seat-belt and Sean, then just 17-months-old, on her lap?

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